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An Inland Voyage Pt​.​1

by Dog Daisies

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Auk 02:04
You slide over the rainbow / and it's all gone You climb out of your k-hole / and it's all gone Don't you know / it's all gone Haven't you heard / it's all gone You get the last train home / everybody's gone You pull your head out your A-hole / everybody's gone You fear for the world that you're livin on Don't you know it's all gone
Dan / Evan 01:59
I can't tell you how to feel what is real soon may not be real I'm runnin' out on the rain and the clouds in my eyes Box of wine for stumblin' stars they pour confetti over passin' cars It's been so long on shaky ground That suddenly feels so sound Is this just another way to say: "Dan meet Evan"
I don't wanna hold you back from you've been I don't wanna be me if there's no one else to be me I don't wanna stop you from sleepin' in the snow No matter what the question, why's the answer always no? I don't wanna see you floatin' up above the trees When gettin' out of bed just seems so far from easy-peasy I don't want you to be here if you've nowhere else to go Don't wanna be here either, why's the answer always no? The sky looks sick and it's screamin' no no no The clouds look shit and they're screamin' no no no I'm sick of feelin' empty and not wantin' more and more It's like you have ceiling, it's like I got no floor I can't read the writing from my side of the wall Don't bother shoutin' over, I know it spells N-O N-O I don't expect to see your words get flushed out of the page I don't expect to see you tappin' out upon the Streets of Rage To you the answer's always been Go Go Way-to Go To me the answer's always been no
Carehome 03:12
Want to want to want to want to set me free All you got to do is let me be me I write my problems on a paper list And I will read them when I feel less pissed Her smile is toothless and gay Now this car's gonna drive her away The SUMMER brings the crowds and you feel so alone You sit there on the landing catchin' sun, you say how could this be fun You never walk you always stagger home Where the hell is winter? She says: 'watch your tone' 'Sit down, I took you in, you stray' 'now this car's gonna drive me away' There goes Thom Galpin on his legs again Past the grit-box and the lampost to the bowling green His mother filled with the happiest tears We haven't seen him for what seems like a thousand years He had a sleepin' disease On his chin, he'd grown a hive of bees Is that hard to believe? Not so hard to believe Slippin' up the dust like you've a chip on your shoulder You won your battle know the nights grow colder I - Never saw the lake I always saw the sea The sun is sinking don't know where but it's draggin' me Away Like those wheels, those wheels rode all day Now these shores are sallow and fey No this car's gonna drive her away I got no reason to stay I have no reason to stay


This is the first installment of two companion EPs entitled 'An Inland Voyage'.

It is a 'Bandcamp only' digital download release.

Anyone who purchases this EP receives a discount for any future physical release of 'An Inland Voyage' and a place in heaven.

First ten customers receive a signed hand-written lyric of their choice in the snail mail.


This is the first part of a collection of short, hastily written, widescreen lo-fi songs that I recorded into a phone and then pasted together on a dying iMac in the February of 2019.

I wanted to document the bleary-eyed, floating underwater "oh-shit!!" feeling of being a new parent and all the dark, happy, teary and ridiculous thoughts that come with little sleep. It deals with the state of the world and the state of my fridge, both of which seemed of equal importance at the time of writing.

I was going for 'Nebraska' meets 'Songs in the Key of Life' if they'd been recorded by a Lancastrian Jonathan Richman, Scott Rudd or Julie Doiron into a Huawei spyphone.

Most of these songs were written at 5am.

Elsie Plimmer of the awesome Bristol mega-music-happening Watch Paint Dry sings vocals on Carehome.

She is the only other living soul on this record.

I hope you enjoy it,

Stephen x


released April 22, 2019

Stephen Hudson: electric + acoustic guitars, bowed saw, Casio keyboard, table drums, bass guitar, FX pedals, vocals.

Watch Paint Dry: vocals on Carehome.

Mastered by Zac Barfoot.

Artwork by Stephen Hudson & Ben Hall.


all rights reserved



Dog Daisies Lancaster, UK

Stephen Hudson + friends.

Recording project inspired by motorways, 80's films, midnight walks and the Lancashire coastline.

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